Louisa Hope

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Louisa was born into an artistic family and completed a degree in Fine Arts and Sculpture at Bradford University. She moved to London after graduating and worked as a freelance designer. However she has now moved back to the north west to work as a full-time artist. She has always been fascinated by texture and her current, mainly abstract, paintings incorporate a variety of materials including glass dust, metal dust and sand.
Louisa’s latest work managed to impress art critic Brian Sewell on Channel 5’s ‘Big Art Challenge’ and she is rapidly becoming one of the North West’s foremost painters.
Technique and Inspiration
‘I use mediums like paint, sand and glass as they give me almost limitless freedom of expression. My inspiration is found in many areas but I find myself greatly influenced by the elements and I use the fascinating dichotomy between them to depict the feelings and philosophies that accompany my work.’
‘My passion for the arts has been a theme throughout my life. I owe musicians, writers and poets a great deal for the inspiration I have drawn from them. My paintings often start as a poem, a mood or emotion taken from the wealth of experiences I have gained from the people I meet and what I have learned in my life so far.
‘The sky fuels the greatest emotions as I see it as an ever changing backdrop against which we live. It is immensely diverse and extremely romantic at times. I aim to tap into a similar mood through my medium and perhaps provoke something within the viewer which will bring them a little bit of magic.
‘Recently I have enjoyed writing small poems to accompany my work. I believe this gives an insight into the delight and emotion felt at the time the painting was created. Adding this dimension has been a natural progression as great song writers and poets influence me strongly.
‘My ultimate goal is to encourage people to enjoy our beautiful environment in a world where people are often too busy to see properly.’