Alisa Lim A Po

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Alisa Lim A Po is a Dutch artist who draws on the complexities of human nature. Her work is a sublime representation of the existential; these stunning pieces resonate with a profound sense of humanity combined with distinctive technique, creating a visually stunning effect.

Art that deals with the multifaceted nature of society and our place within it:   sublime semi-figurative pieces, which verge into abstraction, these heads are elemental outlines, raw and textural, their tranquillity belying their remarkable impact.

The use of acrylic on a smooth metallic surfaces makes for an underlying tension between the paint and the surface. This dichotomy in application is reflected in the ideas and concept behind the work. The material is all, the application allows for these heads and outline to find their own presence, at times powerfully present, with a thickly worked up surface and others softer and more ethereal, virtually disappearing into the picture plane. We are in realm of the real, the unchangeable in contrast with the subconscious thoughts and the sense of otherness.

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